Bill Baize

Mr Baize has been called the World’s best Tenor singer and started working with Elvis in 1971 when he joined JD Sumner and the Stamps Gospel Quartet.Bill has done several tours with Thane plus a cruise to the Carribean and they have become great friends.

“He is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to Elvis and if you haven’t seen him you need to see him.”

John Rowlands

World Famous Rock and Roll photographer John Rowlands who was hired by RCA to photograph Elvis’ concerts beginning in 1972.

“He is the next best thing to Elvis being in the building.”

Bill Morgan

Of the Legendary Stamps Quartet who performed with Elvis from 1971-76.

“Bills Iconic North Beach Leather company from California dressed rock stars from Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix,Janis Joplin and he made many items for Elvis. Bill was so impressed with Thane’s portrayal of Elvis he actually named the coat pictured here the “Thane Dunn Superfly jacket”.

Mark Critch

Star of CBC’S This Hour has 22 Minutes.

“It’s not only the best tribute show I’ve seen, it’s one of the best concert experiences going.”

Hank Snow Museum

The Hank Snow Museum (Hank actually introduced Elvis to the Colonel and co-managed Elvis for 6 months). A pair of Thane’s Sunglasses are actually on display at the museum.

The Center for the Advancement of Rural Living

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