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Two time World Champion Thane Dunn’s portrayal of Elvis Presley is eerily close onstage. So close in fact that he is endorsed by several people who actually worked and performed with the real Elvis. It’s like he’s actually channeling the King of Rock and Roll in front of your very eyes.

From his natural physical resemblance,amazingly Elvis-like voice and spot on moves Thane Dunn truly delivers the full Elvis package. His off the wall Presley-like sense of humour and magnetic personality make his interaction with the audience second to none. You can expect he will make the audience  laugh,cry and cheer in amazement all while having the time of their lives. He loves to have fun and it shows.

 Thane does not wear a wig,his hair and sideburns are real and his stage attire is actually made from the same patterns as Presley’s originals. No expense has been spared to give you the full Elvis Experience.

I am very pleased to announce that I am now sponsored by Argus Audiology. They help people to improve their quality of life with top notch service,products and advice regarding your hearing, loss of hearing and in regards to musicians hearing prevention. They have sponsored several of my events over the years and are amazing people with great family value’s and Im excited about the future.

Having a hearing aid can actually be cool,most people don’t want to miss out on anything in life and that includes hearing your favorite song to carrying on a conversation at your high school re union plus the amazing stuff you can do with one today will blow your mind. Long gone are the big, beige, squealing banana-sized device that your great-grandma wore.

Check out their website and if you or a loved one misses half the words at one of my concerts or wishes they could hear the grand kids at Christmas then do something about it give Argus a call.

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